Important Tips To Consider While Purchasing Windows VPS Hosting

 When you use the Windows platform to host a personal or company website it is called windows VPS hosting. It is a very good choice if you need more disk space. The Plesk control panel gives you the flexibility, power, and credibility of managing several websites. It is one of the most popular options if you are looking for VPS hosting solution for your website. But before you choose windows VPS as your hosting solution you should also look at your requirements. Here are some reasons why windows VPS hosting is a great option:

Easy to use

Plesk control panel

Supports .net framework

Easy to update

Going with the windows VPS hosting might cost you slightly more than the Linux version. Generally, it is easily noticeable with entry-level plans since a Linux VPS plan can get away with 256 MB RAM while in windows you will need more. Although when you get into the medium level to a high-level range of VPS hosting, the amount of memory needed is negligible since you should be allotted a much more useable amount.

Reasons to consider windows VPS hosting:

Admin access - For viewing analytical details about the workload server is handling, you should get complete administrative capacity.

Security - Windows VPS hosting comes with a security feature called BitLocker which can be used for encrypting the data. Apart from the server used should also have a windows firewall for blocking unrequired traffic on selected ports that are not used.

Backward compatibility - You should check whether your server is offering backward compatibility. Backward compatibility will help you execute the windows app that is available as 64-bit as well as 32-bit applications.

Virtual desktop - VPS hosting company providing Linux VPS hosting and windows hosting should allow the server to be used as a virtual desktop. With such functionality, you can use applications that require dedicated resources.

Tips to consider while investing in windows VPS hosting:

If you are looking for VPS hosting as one of the options for your website then you should go with Windows VPS hosting. But before you proceed with your decision to use windows VPS, you should consider the following points before you take any decision.

Control panel - Windows hosting is similar to Linux VPS hosting thus it offers you multiple choices in terms of control panel you are allowed to use.

You will have multiple options to select, based on your proficiency in using any of the control panels, you can choose from Webmin to Plesk and cPanel.

RAID 50 - Selecting the VPS hosting company means that you get access to fail-proof storage. Make sure they are using RAID 50 for SSDs.

The benefit of using RAID 50 is that in case any disk fails, the VPS server seamlessly does failover to another hot spare present the storage array.

Reinstallation - There should be a provision to reinstall the OS if necessary, along with serial console login and facility to view IP addresses, statistics, and logs.

Managed services - If you do not have the technical knowledge then you should always ask the VPS hosting service providers that will they provide manage services or not?

The benefit of managed service is that the service provider takes care of functions like installation of software and scripts on your behalf. They will also be responsible for managing configuration issues as well as hardware problems.

Upside and downside of windows VPS hosting?

VPS stands for a virtual private server, it is a popular type of web hosting service. IN VPS hosting a single physical server is partitioned into many virtual servers. Each server has its own space and private environment with the ability to run independently from its counterparts.

A VPS hosting server has a fully developed operating system that can be rebooted independently of the other servers on the machine. It offers better performance than a shared server even it may fail when compared to a dedicated server. Although it shares many of the features a dedicated server has. It offers a great deal of freedom to the website owners and gained more popularity because of its affordable nature as compared to a single physical server.

Upsides - Windows VPS hosting platform offers An UI that most administrators and developers love to work with. Since the windows desktop interface is familiar for everyone thus setting up an account is seamless and fast. Due to the familiarity of the interface, users can easily adapt to the environment. A windows VPS server is good for businesses having high-traffic websites, running complex web applications, and other services which cannot be run on a shared server.

Downsides - Windows VPS hosting is expensive as compared to open-source Linux VPS hosting. Since the components of Linux are released with a license, it facilitates free to use and reflects in the cost of the service. While windows come with expensive licenses, therefore, windows VPS hosting is expensive. Though windows VPS is an excellent choice for running a virtual private server. There is always a backup of reliable hardware that ensures wonderful performance, security, and flexibility.

Cheap VPS hosting for your business

VPS is usually the first choice among business owners who are looking forward to availing the benefits of dedicated hosting. Although VPS hosting costs slightly more than shared hosting yet it offers lots of benefits. Still, you can get cheap VPS hosting just by educating yourself about the web hosting market.

Most businesses have no issues in going with the VPS hosting solution because it can manage a good amount of traffic without any server issues. If your business can survive in a VPS setup then you can search around for affordable hosting service providers. You have to maintain the server which can be time-consuming when you purchase a cheap VPS hosting plan.


Windows VPS server is the best solution if you want a good amount of disk space. It is easy to use and supports the .net framework. But choose your windows VPS hosting service provider carefully based on deep research. While you can also look for cheap VPS hosting in the market only if you can maintain the server.